My story

Kilian Julve Simón, CEO

After becoming an architect in 2012 (graduated from ETSAV), I started my professional career in Switzerland, where I worked for over 4 years, for local architectural studios as well as for international companies. Back in Barcelona, I continued working in the retail business, until I decided, simultaneously, to do  something on my own.

Having acquired all the possible knowledge in my previous jobs, I professionally trained and specialized in 3D Architectural Visualization (ArchViz).

As an architect, having worked in different countries, in such diverse sectors, has given me the opportunity to obtain a wide perspective and knowledge of architecture.

Nowadays, I work and collaborate with professionals from all over the world. English, French, Spanish or Catalan: feel free to contact me in the language you prefer.

For more information about my skills and professional career, I invite you to visit my complete LinkedIn profile and to follow us on Instagram: